Series of three illustrations depicting black women from the arts, science and politics as

a way of celebrating this year's 8th of March. This is a reminder that, while women are

increasingly occupying spaces and excelling in the most diverse fields, there is still

a lot to do.

Flat style illustration of Erika Hilton, a black trans city councilwoman for Sao Paulo, Brazil. She wears a colorful ribbon on her head and plain yellow t-shirt and smiles with red lipstick. Around her, floating elements: LGBTQIA+ flags, trans' symbol, black fists, speech bubbles and speakers.

Erika Hilton - Brazilian city councilwoman. The first black trans

woman to be elected in the city of Sao Paulo and the woman

with the most votes in 2020's election.

Flat style illustration of Mae Jemison, a black NASA astronaut, phisycian and engineer. Wears a big smile, orange astronaut clothes and short hair. Is surrounded by space elements such as planets, meteors, satellites, rockets and stars.

Mae Jemison - US phisycian and engineer, and also the first

black woman to ever travel to space in 1992, in the space

shuttle Endeavour.

Flat style illustration of Esther Mahlangu, black South African artist. Wears traditional Ndebele neck rings, headband and earrings and is surrounded by colorful elements that remind her own aesthetics

Esther Mahlangu - South African artist, keeps spreading the

tradition of Ndebele ethnicity throughout her artworks and